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TBD's - COACHING WITH INTENT is your answer to getting Tanna's inside details on operating a profitable design business! Plus, her exuberant energy and love for what she does will have you inspired time after time!!

Your choice! Spend this note-worthy, one-hour online consultation anyway you select. Your chance to have a one on one conversation regarding your interior design goals, dilemmas, resources and more. Get valuable design advice from one of the top interior designers in the Northwest!

Tanna's TEN plus, thriving years in the interior design industry speaks for itself with her numerous Designer of the Year awards and many nominations as Best in the Northwest! And now she's helping other designers plan for the same success.

Prior to founding TANNA BY DESIGN, Tanna had over 15 years of Client Solution Management and Corporate Training & Development experience. After perfecting her craft within that same organization in corporate America, she stepped into coaching and training new employees on the same successful business practices she had created!

Tanna, a self-taught solopreneur, has spent years fine-tuning her interior design process. She is now paying it forward by sharing this valuable design knowledge with inspiring designers like yourself.

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You're the epitome of understanding that no matter how good you are doing something there's one little aha moment that unlocks a new level of awareness and strategy.

— LuAnn Nigara - A Well-Designed Business Podcast
get actionable results quickly

Tanna is a true pleasure to work with! We had our first coaching session and I can't wait for the next one. We clicked immediately and she got right to work helping me solve some challenges in my business. She focuses on pushing forward to get actionable results quickly. I highly recommend her coaching to any designer looking to level up their business.

— Hope Scully - HHS Interior Design Associates
generosity & talent

I am a strategic vendor partner of Tanna's. In my work I see and work with 1000's of designers. Tanna has always stood out. She has a rare ability to combine vision with action. Every business goes through stages and many get stuck in one stage. Tanna recognized this in her own business and was able to completely transform and reinvigorate it. But perhaps even more impressive is her generosity and talent for leading other designers to make the same change in theirs.

— Stacy McKenna - Strategic Business Partner
guidance & clarity to see my potential

I reached out to Tanna for a coaching session when I had just started my interior design business. I was looking for guidance and clarity about the fees I charge for design services, and how I could easily sell my services without undervaluing the expertise I was bringing to the table. We had a great coaching session. Tanna has a vibrant energy and she has a passion for helping others to be successful. She confirmed the design process I had implemented, and she provided advice on how I can offer my design services in a seamless manner. She also shared with me the software she uses, which could help me to be more efficient managing my clients and projects. Most of all Tanna helped me to see my potential and encouraged me to apply myself to build my business. I would definitely ask her to coach me again. Thank you Tanna!

— Marcia Fiallo - Fiallo Design
highly organized & responsive

Tanna is awesome! Highly organized and very responsive to your needs. I enjoyed our Business Coaching session and walked away with great new ideas. I would highly recommend using her for any interior design business coaching needs that you may have! I am looking forward to getting your tips and ideas as to how I can leverage MyDoma when creating my new design packages.

— Becky Vandenbroek - HYGGE Custom Homes
creative & efficient

I reached out to Tanna by Design for an interior design business coaching consultation. As a fellow member of IDS, and a professional, she helped me focus on the issues I needed to address in my own interior design business, creatively and efficiently. She came prepared to gave me a list of things to target and tips on how to effectively accomplish them. She is a great listener. I appreciate her advice and willingness to help me grow my business!

— Shannon Christensen - Christensen Design Studio
Willingness to share

Tanna and I had such a fun and informative conversation. I felt so accomplished after our one hour of coaching. I love her energy and her willingness to share her process. I got exactly what I needed from her. She went out of her way to send me info after our call. I highly recommend Tanna!

— Shelby Erholm - Shelby Jo Interiors

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