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If you're building in the area, purchasing a home, or looking to update your current space, our Furniture and Remodeling Packages are the ones for you. Whether you’re looking for our Full-Service offerings or a Conceptual Design during the preliminary stage of your project, TANNA BY DESIGN® has you covered, working locally in Yakima from April through September and then providing Virtual Design Services during the winter season. Quality of life, casual living, and functionality all wrapped up in a stunning design aesthetic in the beautiful Northwest is our goal. If you are a curated maximalist or a pure minimalist, you are in good hands.

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Full Service Interior Design

Completely seamless and stress-free is the focus of this VIP option. Our approach is to complete an entire space, or bundled spaces, in a single installation, including a red carpet for you to enter upon at the reveal. We manage the entire process, beginning to end whether remodeling your current home, building a new one or working on a commercial space.

Tanna Edler Interior Designer Yakima WA

Specialty Consultations

The goal of our specialty consultations is to provide you with as much or as little as you need in order to create harmonious detailing for your home or business. We will be available as needed while you manage the everyday decision making and details of your project. Whether you're remodeling your current home, building, or working on a commercial space.

Anthem Golf & Country Club Model Home Rendering - Hampton

Virtual Interior Design

Coast to Coast, this is our e-design, 'do-it-yourself,' online option to assist you with your interior design dreams. Easily schedule a ZOOM conversation with Tanna when you are in need of advice or purchase one of our Virtual Design Packages, and select from our virtual design concepts, layouts, floor plans, renderings and shopping lists.

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couldn't be happier

I have known Tanna for many years. She is a pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond to make her clients happy. She listens well and then uses her creativity and skills to come up with some fantastic ideas. She put together a plan for a MAJOR remodel of our home and we couldn't be happier. I would recommend Tanna for any project, small or large. And, she is always timely with her work!

Greg L. - Yakima, WA - Full Service Design

All projects begin with a Complimentary Discovery Call. Click "Get Started" below to begin!

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Why Virtual Interior Design?

Realistic visualization design concepts, allow you to have a clear understanding of the final result before committing.
Virtual Renderings allow clients to collaborate with TANNA remotely, enhancing and expediting communication.
TANNA BY DESIGN leverages cutting-edge tools and techniques, adding a modern and innovative touch to their services.
Ability to explore various design options by visualizing different layouts, styles, and materials virtually.
Virtual environments accurately represent the space, including furniture, finishes, colors, and lighting, giving you a comprehensive preview of the design.
TANNA BY DESIGN’s Virtual Design Presentations can be easily shared with clients across the United States, overcoming any geographical limitations.
TBD’s Virtual Design & Rendering Services quickly accommodate modifications, providing efficient design iterations and faster decision-making processes.
By incorporating Virtual Design solutions, TANNA elevates her level of service and offers clients value, convenience, efficiency, and a personalized experience.
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More About Us

We are moving near Yakima, WA, and want to update our new home. We are not familiar with the area nor how to begin an interior design project.

Starting IS how you begin, and we will be your guide along the way! We follow a proven process to ensure that you have the best client experience possible. We will discuss and assist you with defining your budget, first thing, and give you the confidence as you select the best Service Offering to fit your needs. As a professional in the industry for over twelve years, you can rest easy knowing you will be in good hands. We will be continually sharing our industry knowledge throughout the entire project so you will know every detail going into your home. Our clients love this differentiator in partnering with us and always tell us they feel empowered during the project close meeting. I’m excited to walk you through each step.

“... From the get-go, Tanna took charge. She communicated a complete design and plan and she managed the ENTIRE process. She literally made it effortless…”

Maurine J., - Furniture & Styling Project

Where is your Design Studio located? We know that traffic in the Seattle area can get congested and we do not want to spend a lot of time commuting.

TANNA BY DESIGN’s (TBD) headquarters are located near Yakima, Wa, however, most importantly, we come to you, making that commute totally unnecessary. Working locally and remoting, we offer hybrid services which include both in-person meetings & virtual tools that allow us to communicate the details of your project in many ways. And, from September through March, we provide Virtual Design Services during the winter so that no one has to travel in bad weather.

"Tanna was with us every step of the process - surfaces, flooring, paint colors, cabinet and design, plumbing fixtures, and lighting. I'm so thankful she was our partner through all of these details. We honestly would not have been able to create our dream home without her. Not only is Tanna a true professional, but she is also a pure joy to work with. We will definitely be using Tanna on all projects going forward. We highly recommend Tanna - you will not be disappointed."

Meagan S. - New Construction Project

We recently purchased a home in Washington and we are overwhelmed with the design, finding a contractor and locating places to shop for products!

We hear this a lot! Collaborating with architects, contractors and trades is what we do best. We have exclusive relationships in the industry and can’t wait to make introductions. Product knowledge is power … and we are surrounded by a ton of it! My clients are always amazed at how much organization goes into the teamwork coordination behind the scenes, and you won’t have to worry about anything! We look forward to sharing how this service is built into various design packages we offer.

“We moved into a new home and were faced with what seemed like an endless canvas of blank walls and floor space.  I was overwhelmed.  I contacted Tanna, and invited her over for a consultation.  Tanna instantly put me at ease.  She was both personable and professional, creative and kind.”

Jennifer W., - Furniture & Styling Project

We live in the Northwest part time, is it possible to work with you when we are not there?

Absolutely, TANNA BY DESIGN® has you covered, working locally in Washington from April through September and then providing Virtual Design Services during the winter season. TANNA BY DESIGN’s Virtual Design Presentations can be easily shared with clients across the United States, overcoming any geographical limitations. With Virtual Renderings, clients can provide feedback and collaborate with TANNA remotely, enhancing and expediting communication. Plus, TBD’s Virtual Interior Design and Renderings can be adjusted quickly to accommodate modifications, resulting in efficient design iterations and a faster decision-making process.

"Having only seen photos of our home she was able to perfectly pick colors and materials to enhance the style of our home , as well as hold my hand and guide me through our first major remodel !  Without a doubt she has a true gift and we look forward to using her for future projects."

Claudia L. - Virtual Design Consultation

We are selling our home in the Yakima area, can you help us locate items to refresh our home and stage it to sell?

Absolutely, whether you are completely redesigning your room, staging to sell your home or simply wanting to refresh your decor, this is the perfect option for you! TANNA'S TOP TEN is a resource that we offer to assist you with decor and furnishings to style your space through our TBD Online Trade Showroom!! This free design package can be easily accessed on our website under RESOURCES and is updated each month. Also, many clients prefer a customized shopping list, and we can provide that too!

"Tanna did a stunning job in redesigning, decorating as well as staging my home in preparation for listing the house for sale. Her recommended edits of furniture pieces and hands on rearrangement of my current furniture is amazing and brought my rooms up to date, they are now so "fresh." Tanna provided exactly the services I asked of her and she went beyond what I expected. I loved working with such talent."

Mary Z., - Home Staging Project

We have never used an Interior Designer before to purchase furnishings. How does it work?

Ohhh, you’ve come to the right place! Furniture & Decor is what finishes the space to completion, and we LOVE it! After working together closely, and having a thorough understanding of your aesthetic, we will present you with a Product Presentation. Once approved, we will handle all logistics. 

Purchasing merchandise, tracking and installing everything is what we do, so that you don’t have to.The many years of experience in the interior design industry has enabled us to gain numerous vendor relations, allowing for endless interior products at our fingertips. I can’t wait to share our automated checklists, follow up reports, approval gates and more…you are going to enjoy always being informed and up to date! We make it super easy!!

"Tanna helped furnish and decorate our entire home. She was amazing and so helpful from the start. Always communicating every step of the way. Very responsive to any questions we had. She truly creates magical spaces. We couldn't be any more thrilled with the outcome of each space!!"

- Claudia M. - Furniture & Styling Project

We used an Interior Design Firm in the past and we felt like just another number and that they didn’t have our best interests in mind, how are you different, why would we hire you?

That's where my superpower comes in handy, creating a space that just feels right, matching your lifestyle goals. I do this by listening and problem solving. I will ask loads of questions and my gift is using the results of our discovery sessions to create a Conceptual Design, which allows you to see the end goal. With everything that is important to you considered, we will transform your space, enabling you to live your best life.

Your curated look will not only be specific to you, it will also be specific to your space. And believe me, we will have spent A LOT of time preparing for your final day! During this completion stage of our process, we will style everything, magazine-worthy… but not looking like something you’ve seen before. We also take the time to show you how to live in your space. So after we are gone you can always have it looking like it did the day we left!  That is why you hire us, to give you a special space, unique to YOU that stimulates all of those ‘feels’ you love, everyday!! We make it so fun and easy!

"We knew from the initial phone consultation that she was passionate about not only her work but also developing relationships with her clients.  She really got to know us and what would best work for us as well as the look we were going for.  She was an advocate for us when working with contractors and subcontractors and has many connections in the industry and her knowledge of how to do things is priceless.”

Jessica W., - Conceptual Design, Remodel, Furniture & Styling Project

put me at ease

I first ran across Tanna's name and design work in Yakima Magazine.  I remember thinking that her design style was stunning, and that someday I would love to have her help in creating a space that would be just right for our family.  Months later, we moved into a new home and were faced with what seemed like an endless canvas of blank walls and floor space.  I was overwhelmed.  I contacted Tanna, and invited her over for a consultation.  Tanna instantly put me at ease.  She was both personable and professional, creative and kind. Tanna took the time to get to know me so that she could understand my personality and preferences.  Tanna has transformed several areas of our home and we are overjoyed!  I am amazed at the beautiful touches she put into place, and by how much those touches have created an atmosphere of welcome and tranquility.  I am excited to continue working with Tanna, and can hardly wait to begin our next project.

Jennifer W. - Yakima, WA - Full Service Design