October 1, 2021

How to Get the Transitional Farmhouse Look at Home

How to Get the Transitional Farmhouse Look at Home
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When our clients just couldn’t commit to only one style, we started to pick apart everything they gravitated toward in order to develop their own custom look for this whole home Remodel Project. 

They loved the idea of an overall muted color palette, with a possible punch of color, noting their desire to keep their dark wood bed frame as their accent piece. They were inspired by geometric patterns, soft, cozy fabrics and a nod to the farmhouse style. Yup, you heard it...a little bit of everything! 

As we dove deeper, we came to understand that they were minimalists by nature, however, thoroughly enjoyed displaying personal pieces throughout the home. And, while symmetry and clean lines played a huge role in our layout and space plan, they also were adamant about comfort! Especially in the bedroom, they wanted a ‘lived-in’ look that was as fancy as it was functional, allowing them to recreate the space just as it looked the day we left the photo shoot.

We knew that with appropriate balance and purposeful execution of our design plan, we would be able to thoughtfully curate a space, bringing their aesthetic to life.  We understood their vibe was a juxtaposition between traditional and modern, resulting in a transitional style. With that said, they also wanted all of the current bells and whistles in their design allowing for a contemporary look plus that casual, welcoming feel with a barnwood texture. 

Therefore we coined this gorgeous project, Transitional Farmhouse with a lot of flair!!

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Transitional Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel
Transitional Farmhouse Bedroom Remodel
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refined yet approachable

with a lot of flair

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Overall Color Story with a Tonal Theme
Edited Decor with Personal Character
Texture with Stone, Metal, Glass
Antique or Unique Investment Piece
Fresh or Faux Greenery Throughout
Bulky Deep Seated Upholstery
Hard Surfaces with Clean Lines
Organic Accessories of Wood and Rattan
Timeless and Approachable Space Plan
Luxurious and Cozy Linens and Throws

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