March 1, 2022

Is Gray Paint Still in Style in 2022?

Is Gray Paint Still in Style in 2022?
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Whether it is gray or grey, it is considered YAY in our book! I know, I know, we often hear this color is going out of style and everyone is simply OVER-IT! However, we are holding on tight. We agree, over the years the grays have changed and adapted to the trends. We definitely see a shift away from the cool grays and more use of our favorite warm grays. And, we are loving the beautiful moment that happens when we combine these tints with our favorite whites! Watch for a free download coming soon!

So, maybe the bigger question is How do we use gray paint in 2022? And, that is a question that we love. Layering a monochromatic palette is our look and we begin with the lightest hue working up to the darkest, all within the same tone. And, yup, you guessed it…we like to use our favorite Benjamin Moore gray!

Just as we add depth and texture with our furniture, lighting and decor, we do the same with paint. For example, when using one shade or up to three shades in a room you can elevate the look with finishes; baseboards in satin, walls in eggshell and ceiling in flat. And, we are always looking to paint that signature piece or perhaps a bookshelf for added interest.

Again, with gray as our neutral we love how easily it complements other colorways. Of course the previously mentioned white pairing is stunning and it also looks fabulous with green. The color green is being celebrated and we are seeing it come alive in so many ways. Sherwin Williams' Color of the Year 2022, Evergreen Fog. It is gorgeous as an accent wall or on cabinets and couples perfectly with our favorite use of woods and metals.

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Yay for Gray - it's here to Stay!

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