August 14, 2020

Seasonal Sips, Summer Trips & Style Tips

Seasonal Sips, Summer Trips & Style Tips

Living in the high desert, in an agricultural valley in Washington, we have wonderfully warm summers surrounded by vineyards, hop fields, and almost every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable. It is absolutely picturesque this time of year. 

So, when planning our seasonal getaway…we planned our Staycation appropriately. After months of staying inside and at home, we took extreme precautions and prepared for our time-off adventures…just minutes away!

In years past, we might have thought this to be a bore, instead we had a blast, hosting Zoom pool-side parties, touring local wineries and breweries, hiking ski runs and even packing the trailer to sleep-over at nearby campsites.  All in our own backyard, outdoors and safely distanced from others. 

Before these beautiful evenings pass and while there is still time to enjoy a long day, we’ve rounded up the favs from our 50 mile (or less) radius summer travels. All offering design inspiration for my work, I now want to share the inspo with you, and hope you are enjoying everything in your ‘backyard!’

Pool Side Drink: Mama's Margs

Add your desired amount of tequila to a shaker along with fresh squeezed grapefruit and lime juice. Fill the remainder of the shaker with sparkling water. Shake and pour into your favorite drinking glasses over ice, top with diced jalapeños and a pinch of organic pure maple syrup. Don't forget the salt!

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Check Out Our Staycation Journey Below!
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Packwood Brewery

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With Mt Rainier as its backdrop, this sleepy little town is nestled in the foothills of the North Cascades. The historic building that was built in 1933 has been transformed and now is home to the Packwood Brewing Co. The nature inspired design and repurposed and reused elements are brilliant!

My Favorite Travel Totes

White Pass & Rimrock Lake - Ski Run Hiking and Camping

Click to view the White Pass website 

With campsites surrounding, Rimrock Lake is a man-made storage reservoir for the Yakima Project, supplying irrigation for the local areas. Its water is so clear, and the air is so fresh. It is the perfect place to get away, and the commute is even better!

Click to view the Rimrock Lake website

A winter destination for thousands across the state. This ski area, a section of the Pacific Crest Trail located in the Washington Cascades, opened in 1953. With its location between Mt Rainier and the Goat Rocks, the views are sensational. When at High Camp, you see a territorial view of evergreens, wildlife and pure majesty.

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Cowiche Creek Brewing 

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Near Cowiche Creek in a rural location, a husband and wife team formed this brewery in 2014. I love the rustic appeal and casual atmosphere. It is the perfect place to relax on a blanket with family and four-legged friends. Plus their product is outstanding. My favorite is the Tiny Dog Session IPA, named after their own pint size black Labrador.

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Naches Historic Downtown

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Driving through this historic downtown is one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday. I just love seeing the charming Art Deco building each time we visit. So tall and proud, the stories it could tell. It was originally constructed and opened in 1935 as a Shell Oil Station office.

Pictured below is the water trough from the movie 'The Hanging Tree' filmed near Naches in 1959 starring Gary Cooper

Wilridge Winery & Distillery

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This is a small family vineyard operated in an European tradition. They are tucked away in Naches Heights, almost like a secret. We love hiking the trails and then resting on their cottage-style porch with our favorite Viognier. When there you almost feel that you’ve stepped back in time. So simple, so quiet, so peaceful and just right!

Wine Tour Must Have

Treveri Cellars

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This IS my favorite sparkling wine.  It is fermented like a French Champagne and all I know is that their process reduces the bubbles which can cause headaches.  And I am proud to say, I have not had a headache yet! One of my favorite things to get is their signature glitter bottles, customized however you like.

Mama's Slushie

For a fun, refreshing summertime drink, try Mama's Slushie! Pour Terveri Riesling, or your fav sparkling wine, over crushed ice and mango sorbet then top with organic coconut whipped cream. YUM!

Out of Office Attire

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Get outdoors, wear a mask, stay your distance and enjoy your summer!

Loved our Staycation this year, spending time in the backyard of our surrounding valley! Enjoying everything our local communities had to offer!

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