September 1, 2020

KD Sorority House Tour - Living Room Redesign

KD Sorority House Tour -  Living Room Redesign

While the KD ladies may be engaging in remote learning to begin their college year, their newly styled sorority house is anxiously awaiting their arrival...glittering with updates!

The Sigma Iota Chapter of Kappa Delta on the University of Washington campus was overdue for a refresh. Lemme tell you...their living room furnishings in their Formal had definitely been loved! And, their co-ed space was not only outdated, it was not properly suited for over a hundred young ladies and their guests.

Incorporating their sorority colors, adding functional performance to each piece and giving their first floor a new vibe was our goal. I was given the task of appeasing 130 active members while catering to thousands of alumnae steeped in tradition! 

The result is breath-taking! I am obsessed with the color story, just enough of everything! In the co-ed room we created a Pacific Northwest feel, adding gorgeous artwork and playing off the paint colors with our textiles. We have increased the seating arrangements while keeping both rooms easy to navigate. I can not WAIT for the girls to enjoy it!

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Kappa Delta Sorority
made it effortless

NO CHALLENGE TOO TOUGH! Kappa Delta Sorority on the University of Washington campus was in need of a formal living room make-over. The massive space offered multiple design challenges ..., but we made a three-fold request of Tanna: make a 100-year old colonial structure appeal to, and fit, the demands of the active collegiate women’s lifestyle without losing its sense of tradition, and in the process, make it stand out from 18 other campus sororities! And it all had to be accomplished in a very tight turnaround.I personally couldn’t get my head around it, but Tanna saw the possibilities immediately and her enthusiasm was infectious. Most appreciated in the whole process was that she LISTENED, to the Corporation Board’s need for a long-term, timeless solution ... From the get-go, Tanna took charge. She communicated a complete design and plan and she managed the ENTIRE process. She literally made it effortless ...Tanna, a consummate problem-solver and visionary.I couldn’t recommend TANNA BY DESIGN more highly!


About UW Kappa Delta

Our Vision

Kappa Delta Sorority provides experiences that build confidence in women and inspire them to action through the power of lifelong friendship.

Our Mission

Kappa Delta Sorority is a national organization for women committed to: encouraging members to live with integrity and honor in the bonds of lifelong friendship; building confidence in members to excel in college and throughout their lives; inspiring members to be active leaders, responsible citizens and engaged members of the community; and providing opportunities and experiences that foster personal and professional growth for a lifetime. Click here to meet some notable Kappa Deltas.

From the Archives

The UW Kappa Delta ‘Formal Living Room’ designed in the 60’s. The gold striped wallpaper, turquoise carpeting throughout and a big white crescent couch reigned until 2010. Picture provided by Ginger Whelan, class of '67.


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Sigma Tau PC84

AOT, Tanna

My daughter and I are both KD’s from Washington State University, so this was a VERY special project. Reuniting with college life, feeling at home surrounded by Kappa Delta sisters and knowing exactly what the women needed, made this project so magical and rewarding!!


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Others interior decor pieces we used to style the space

A fav chandelier, perfect for a dining setting

the perfect furry pop of color

we love the nod to the pacific northwest

so of our very favorites

the perfect wrap to cozy up on the couch

the perfect tray for drinks & snacks
every sofa needs a side kick

such a pretty centerpiece

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KD Sorority House Tour -  Living Room Redesign

KD Sorority House Tour - Living Room Redesign

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While the KD ladies may be engaging in remote learning to begin their college year, their newly styled sorority house is anxiously awaiting them...glittering with updates!

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