August 1, 2020

Style Me the Perfect Pantry

Style Me the Perfect Pantry
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Planning a Modern Pantry in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Planning the perfect pantry can be a lot of fun, however maintaining it is not always as easy. Everything tucked away tidy and neat is ideal and sometimes not the reality.

And, what if it was? What if we created a space that was ultra organized and stayed that way!

Below I am going to list my steps to designing a modern pantry that meets the needs and functionality of today’s family and provide style tips to give it that farmhouse flair. 

  1. To start, the KEY is CONSISTENCY. Once you have your designated lay-out, don’t deviate. As products empty, refill. As your tastes or ingredients change, rename the space or storage item.  Keep your ‘footprint’ intact and it will always look organized.
  2. Select a theme, color story or pattern you would like to follow. This will promote a finished look and enable you to edit easily when necessary.
  3. Set a budget for your organization and storage items. It is amazing how even small items can quickly add up once you get to the shopping cart.  If you have an idea of how much you would like to spend, you can browse through various online stores before you plan to purchase. Click to shop our Amazon Kitchen Pantry Organization & Styling page
  4. Take inventory of the items you currently use often and what items you will be placing in your new pantry. Take notice of how your items are packaged and note which packaging can be recycled. Establish a sense of scale and proportion for each pantry product to better understand what types of storage items will work best.
  5. As you measure your pantry shelving prior to ordering your storage items, check for accurate lighting. You will want the space to be well lit as well as inviting. Each item should be appropriately sized on every shelf.
  6. Last, get creative and personalize your space! Use labels, hang tags and maybe even try a wallpaper!

Let's design your dream space, click here to schedule a Full Service Design Consultation.

Imperial Trellis Wallpaper

Our Favorite Pantry Wall Decor

Comments from the Craftsman
Ponderosa Pine Rustic Rough Cut Wood - Timberloom
Living in the Pacific Northwest with a wealth of natural products, we were inspired by nature and landed on rough cut Ponderosa Pine as the species to build the custom pantry doors. Using a shaper and planer to tongue and groove, we created the finish by burning the wood, wire brushing and cleaning with denatured alcohol. Each door was uniquely different, both in shape and tone. The exact look we were trying to achieve. — Dan
The Process

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What did we like most

We loved adding a unique and custom application to what could have been a very standard and ordinary closet. Instead, we repurposed this space to be an exposed pantry. The wallpaper peaking through the fused art glass might be my favorite.

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