February 26, 2021

Top at Home Essentials for Organization

Top at Home Essentials for Organization
Pantry Organization Ideas
Pantry Organization

TBD 10 Year Anniversary
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Happy Spring, TBD Readers!

With a spring in our step, it's time to get that feel-good feeling, you know the one ... when everything's in its place, easy to find and super organized!! Our ‘live easy’ mantra was created around the idea that a well-designed home makes us happier!  And, because we know there is a link between ease and happiness…we have corralled a full list of AT HOME ESSENTIALS that will make you happy! So much has changed in our homes over the last year, and how we are using our spaces is changing too. So, we've pulled together AT HOME favorites from our clients' projects and can't wait to share! Home Office, Home Closets, Home Gyms … we’ve got you covered.

Plus, we're still in the 10 Year Anniversary celebration mode, so for this month we have prepared a TBD FAVORITE PANTRY PICKS - LOOK BOOK with a full listing of all our favorites for styling and organizing the most perfect pantry!

Decor Bundles
Home Office Decor
Home wardrobe organization
Gym Equipment

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Don't miss out on our latest feature in Bellingham Alive! Magazine with loads of home improvement and organization tips!

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a well-designed home makes us happier!

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Home Office

Working from home is now the norm for many, and a game changer for some, so we have really had to level-up our styling and master the aesthetics and necessities. Better function and more organization have been the TOP TWO requests and we cover both, visit our Home Office Design Consultation for more!

Home Office Designer
Home Office Remodel
Closet Organization

Today, the closet is a Space Design in itself. We have had several remodel projects that are fully inspired by the wardrobe! Whether custom or ready-made, there are so many options for organization packages. Check out some of our fave essentials to keep your closet looking spiffy.

Closet Organization
Linen Organization

If you are anything like me...your linen closet can easily become a passage to a scary, dark cave!! BUT NOW, it is one of our fave spaces to organize. We're finding that by adding a little personality and a lot of CAN become your happy place.

Linen Closet Organization
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Home Gym

Lemme tell you...'working-out' from home was a struggle, at first, but now we are loving it! Converting a small corner in the home is all you need!!  Here are some fave essentials we are calling 'home gym decor!'

Gym Decor
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Pantry Organization Guide
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