April 30, 2021

Top Ten Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

 Top Ten Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer
Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Remodel
Top Ten Reason to Hire an Interior Designer
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As we continue to celebrate our 10th year anniversary with you, our TBD Readers, we find ourselves looking at 2021 much differently than any year in the past. Home updates are trending and we have had more inquiries than ever before! With so many questions, one particular question has been asked over and over..."would hiring an Interior Designer be right for me?"

So, we've gathered loads of design deets to help many of you get your answer!  READ our Designer Q & A conversation below & and if you want to start diving into your design project...enter our giveaway for a FREE talk with Me!  


If you answer YES to any of the questions below you would be a great fit!!

  1. You want the perfect designed space you've always dreamed of?
  2. Paralyzed by the thought of not understanding the cost of a design project?
  3. Everyday life has you too busy to plan out your design?
  4. Not familiar with the design & build industry?
  5. Contacting multiple contractors and trades sound daunting?
  6. Coordinating and managing the design process is overwhelming?
  7. Lacking home improvement product knowledge and need professionals in the field?
  8. Love a functional and comfortable space and not sure where to shop?
  9. Think you know your design style but have trouble when trying to articulate it?
  10. Drawn to a certain aesthetic and don’t know how to pull it all together?
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Recently, I had a client help me put together the Top Ten Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer. No really, I did! This is a real example (let's call her Jill)…and we both thought our conversation would be inspiring, insightful and hopefully down-right helpful as others are considering partnering with an Interior Designer for THEIR next project!

Here is a snippet from our Free Discovery Call conversation upon originally speaking with Jill:

Jill: I know I’ll never have a beautiful home, I wouldn’t have a clue how to begin?

TBD: Starting IS how you begin, and we will be your guide along the way! We follow a proven process to ensure that you have the best client experience possible. I’m excited to walk you through each step … it’s so easy!

Jill: I’m sure I won’t be able to afford the whole process, that sounds expensive.

TBD: We will discuss and assist you with defining your budget, first thing. We want you to feel confident as you select the best Service Offering that fits you, and we offer something for everyone. No matter the size of the project, we follow the same proven process, you’ll LOVE the efficiency and ease…I can’t wait to show you a demo!

Jill: The challenge is, I am so busy with work and family, I’m not sure I’d be able to figure out what I even want! 

TBD: That's where my superpower comes in handy, creating a space that just feels right, matching your lifestyle goals. I do this by listening and problem solving. Just like we are talking now, I will ask loads of questions and my gift is using the results of our discovery sessions to create a Conceptual Design, which allows you to see the end goal. With everything that is important to you considered, we will transform your space, enabling you to live your best life. Just saying this out loud gives me goose-bumps!! We make it so fun and easy!

Jill: That actually DOES sound exciting. But, if I were to do a remodel, I have no idea what is required to make that happen. I’ve never done anything like this before.

TBD: We have you covered! As a professional in the industry for over ten years and having trusted vendor partners by my side, you can rest easy knowing you will be in good hands. And, learning about the design and build of your home will be so interesting for you. We’re educators too, we are actually instructing other designers in our industry on our best practices!! We will be continually sharing our industry knowledge throughout the entire project so you will know every detail going into your home. Our clients love this differentiator in partnering with us and always tell us they feel empowered during the project close meeting.

Jill: So if I do the remodel, there is no way I am going to be able to find contractors to hire and know which showrooms to shop at!

TBD: We hear this a lot! Collaborating with architects, contractors and trades is what we do best. We have exclusive, long term relationships with each and can’t wait to make introductions. My clients are always amazed at how much organization goes into the teamwork coordination behind the scenes, and you won’t have to worry about a thing! We look forward to sharing how this service is built into various design packages we offer.

Jill: I do know one thing, I DEFINITELY do not want to be in charge of running the show!!

TBD: We get that, and that is why we will manage the Design Process, start to finish. From concept to completion, we will engage and walk with you, shoulder to shoulder, through the entire process. I can’t wait to share our automated checklists, follow up reports, approval gates and more…you are going to enjoy always being informed and up to date! We make it super easy!!

Jill: I want finishes that are going to last, and I’ve heard there are certain materials that are better suited for certain places, but I don’t know anything about products and materials?

TBD: It's true, there are so many important factors when selecting THE RIGHT materials for your home. We have sought out the experts, and have been working with them for years. Product knowledge is power … and we are surrounded by tons of it! We look forward to diving into those questions as the next step in our design process!!

Jill: My worry is getting this wonderful remodel done, and then I don’t know what to put in it. I don't even know where to shop for the looks I like?

TBD: Ohhh, you’ve come to the right place! Furniture & Decor is what finishes the space to completion, and we LOVE it! After working together so closely, and having a thorough understanding of your aesthetic, we will present you with a Product Presentation. Once approved, we will handle all logistics. Purchasing merchandise, tracking and installing everything is what we do, so you don’t have to.The many years of experience in the interior design industry has enabled me to gain numerous vendor relations, allowing for endless interior products at my fingertips. I can’t wait to share!!

Jill: Well, that sounds great, but I really don’t know my style. I think I might if I saw it, but I can’t really explain what I like?

TBD: Again, that is our job, to uncover your desires and create a space that reflects it! Just as you are a ‘go-to’ in your field of work…we are the same. We are continually perfecting and elevating our craft so that you DO get the space you have always dreamed of!  Oh, I can’t wait to start creating! Let's do this!! Please purchase our 2-Hour Initial Design Consultation so I can begin to explore everything I need to know about you and your project…I can’t wait to work together!!

Jill: Ok, I think I’m ready to schedule the deep-dive appointment you've described. I understand that it will be essential to us starting on the right foot! And, with you by my side, I am feeling more confident already. One last question, I have a big problem pulling everything together. I might see a look in a magazine I like, or I might see a display in a retail store that is pretty…but I can’t figure out how to make it work in my space. Is this going to be a problem?

TBD: Not a problem! Your curated look will not only be specific to you, it will also be specific to your space. And believe me, we will have spent A LOT of time preparing for this final day! During this completion stage of our process, we will style everything, magazine-worthy… but not looking like something you’ve seen before. We also take the time to show you how to live in your space. So after we are gone you can always have it looking like it did the day we left!  That is why you hire us, to give you a special space, unique to YOU that stimulates all of those ‘feels’ you love, everyday!! Let’s make it easy!!

TBD Trademark Technique

You want easy? You got it! Completely seamless, stress-free is the focus of THE TBD TRADEMARK TECHNIQUE. Our approach is to complete an entire space, or bundled spaces, in a single installation, including a red carpet for you to enter upon at the reveal. We manage the entire process, beginning to end. We follow a proven process prior to beginning your project to ensure the best client experience.

let's make it easy

I believe everyone wants to elevate their everyday life by making it easy. I believe there is a link between ease and happiness. And, I believe a well-designed home makes us happier. You deserve to work with an interior designer that is relatable, with infectious enthusiasm who gives you peace of mind. I believe your experience should be effortless.

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