January 29, 2021

Valentine's Date for the Farmhouse Romantic

Valentine's Date for the Farmhouse Romantic
TBD 10 Year Anniversary
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Happy Valentine's Day TBD Readers!

This month we’re celebrating our love for Romantic Farmhouse style with Valentine's Day!

While every day is a great day to celebrate love, Valentines Day just makes it a fun day to make it even a little more special! It is a wonderful day, set aside, to provide you with the perfect opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care! A love fest kind of day with romance, hearts, treats and sweets!

And, can you think of anything more romantic than a farmhouse style dinner date in?!

The only thing that we might add is a BE MINE Gift Certificate for Interior Design Advice…

Romantic Farmhouse Dining Room Transformation
Valentine's Day Decor Ideas
Valentine's Day Decor Ideas
Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

celebrating 10 years
specials, deals, tips, and contests
For all of 2021, we are going to be offering specials, deals, tips, drawings, contests and more! Each monthly blog will be full of 'SURPRISES.'
Tips for Planning A Dinner Party

1. Send Your List

Consider the event, make it manageable and intimate. Create a room full of others that enjoy a dining experience and always consider, more guests can mean more work.

2. Set The Mood

Create a theme based on your invite list and then transform your room with clever decor, unique plating and perhaps unexpected dinner activities.

3. Get the Word Out

Elevate your invitation with a memorable custom design, we like using CANVA, and include all of the answers to your guests questions.

4. A Celebration for Everyone

Keep the party inclusive and feature a variety of food and drink options. Also consider this when you are preparing your themed activities during the party.

5. Get Your Guests Pumped Up

Build excitement as well as confirm your guest list in advance by requesting everyone respond with their favorite dessert or perhaps drink recipe that they will be bringing.  Then send out these results to everyone prior to the party to get them eager.

Shop Romantic Farmhouse Bedrooms From Our Projects

The romantic farmhouse style is one of our many modern ranch looks we love. With soft muted colors, fresh greenery, a contrast of reclaimed wood furniture and gorgeous, lights shimmering above.

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

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