October 1, 2020

Join Us in Our Virtual Design World

Join Us in Our Virtual Design World
Virtual Design Living Room
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Mountain Ranch Winter Home - Modern Farmhouse - Conceptual Design Render
Virtual Design Rendering Living Room
Tanna Edler

Earlier this year, we did the ‘pivot’ … as the popular term goes! This precise moment in time, provided us with the clarity to reinvent, look at new perspectives and develop opportunities that are proving to be wildly desirable. 

With everything happening around us, we quickly sprung into action, adding Virtual Design as a third arm to our existing Full Service Interior Design and Consultation packages.  And we haven’t looked back.

Our Virtual Design service offerings are our twist on the current need for eDesign. From our home to yours, we have been so busy uplifting spirits with new refreshing decor ideas or complete remodels! We are doing everything from ‘do-it-yourself’ online assistance up to Full Conceptual Design Development for large residential and commercial projects.  It's comfortable, it's easy and it has been SO MUCH fun!  

Now, this is not to say that we haven’t been doing a variety of virtual projects prior. Many of our clients are in various parts of Washington State as well as throughout the Northwest. So we often will meet in-person initially and then communicate virtually throughout the project, with a typical in-person design walk-through at mid point and then again at the final on-site installation.  However, NOW, we are reaching across all states!

With our added edesign platform, we have leveled up and are providing our virtual clients with gorgeous life-like renderings. These renderings have been so valuable when communicating over ZOOM!  The ease of use, visual integrity and shoppable options make them the perfect tool to use during the preliminary design stage of your project.

As we continue to enhance our services, we continue to introduce virtual options to our clients. Visit our recent panel discussions and featured article on Furniture Lighting & Decor where we've shared successes as we increase our online presence.

Shopping our online renders is just one of the many benefits we are offering in our Virtual Design Services.
Our goal is to bring virtual elements into our design process for the optimum virtual experience.
Shop the items in our render below...

Virtual design Living Room
Virtual design Living Room
Virtual design Living Room
Virtual design Living Room
Virtual design Living Room
Virtual design Living Room
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After months of feedback and better understanding of this virtual design world…we are now offering Ready-to-buy Decor Bundles as an add-on to our Virtual Conceptual Designs. And, it is as easy as it sounds! We create a beautiful space and also curate a collection of decor items to select from when styling - mind blowing!  Our Decor Bundles are always changing and reflect our favorites that can easily be suited for a variety of styles. Shop our Decor Bundles below...

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...and so much more!

We never dreamed we’d be so busy doing Virtual Design .. and now we’re killin’ it!

What We Liked Most

We are enjoying reaching so many new clients across the states with our craft! Our new eDesign service offerings have elevated our capabilities and are providing so many clients with a futuristic option to interior design.

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