September 9, 2022

Virtual Interior Design Packages Coast to Coast

Virtual Interior Design Packages Coast to Coast
Farmhouse Kitchen Picks Guide

From Our Home to Yours...

Our Virtual Design service offerings are our twist on the current need for eDesign. From our home to yours, we have been so busy working on your interior design projects EVERYWHERE!

We may not meet in person but we are going to make you feel like we did! 

Our client centric business practices are what make us different, and that holds true whether we are physically at your threshold or entering via ZOOM. Our clients are always the center of our business philosophy, streamlined processes, and design ideas…that is why we developed our Virtual Arm nearly two years ago!

We hit reset HARD as a response to what was happening in our industry and our world! We gained clarity, looked at our business model through a new lens and developed online opportunities for our clients that have proven to be wildly popular and successful!

We had numerous questions, daily, about remote design, working in other cites as well as across the states. With these inquires came interest in assisting with interior design projects of all kinds. From providing a curated shopping list of ‘to-the-trade’ furniture and decor pieces for purchase to sending drawings, tile layouts, and renders for new projects! 


Let's Create

The Renders

With our rendering platform, we have leveled up and are providing our virtual clients with gorgeous life-like renderings. These renderings have been so valuable when communicating the details of the project online!  The ease of use, visual integrity and shoppable options make these the perfect tool to use during the preliminary design stage of your project. Our goal is to bring virtual elements into our design process for an optimal online experience.

Shopping our curated looks is just one of the many benefits we are offering in our Virtual Design Services.

Shop Our Kitchen Rendering Below

Kitchen decor shopping list


Let's Design

We also manage our larger, virtual design projects with a TBD Specification Book. And, who doesn’t like detailed step by step instruction? Well, we can tell you the clients we work for and the contractors we partner with certainly do!! From beginning to end, start to finish, soup to nuts, inception to completion, this comprehensive collection of selections and documentation is five star. 


The Spec Book

The ‘SPEC BOOK,’ as we fondly refer to, will walk-through every aspect of the project that we have discussed with our clients. Here is an example of recent Specification Books that were presented for a new construction project, providing a Finish Schedule, including specification sheets, elevations, and more!

Check Out Our Virtual Design Packages

Have you ever started a home project…and then didn't complete it? Second guessing your selections or frozen when trying to make the next decision? Not sure how to purchase or even where to look? We have made it easy...with several levels of design expertise. Let us provide you with a step-by-step plan of action!! 

It all starts with a phone call!

60 Minute Interior Design Consultation
Virtual Interior Design Room Guide

Explore Our Recent Virtual Project

Rolling Hills Kitchen

We are doing everything from ‘do-it-yourself’ online assistance up to Full Conceptual Design Development for large residential and commercial projects. Recently, we partnered on our Rolling Hills new construction project in New York! 

So it's true, we are now providing coast to coast design with our robust virtual design options. It's high-touch, easy and SO MUCH fun!  

Now, this is not to say that we haven’t been doing a variety of virtual projects prior. Many of our clients are in various parts of Washington State as well as throughout the Northwest. So we often will meet in-person initially and then communicate virtually throughout the project, with a typical in-person design walk-through at mid point and then again at the final on-site installation. However, NOW, we are reaching even further!


Let's Reveal
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design
No items found.

Install Tips

When it comes to installation, we don't leave our virtual clients hanging!  Instead, we provide a PRO LIST full of interior design tips when designing various rooms in the home. And, for our kitchen projects, we will include suggestions to help steer our clients in the right direction when hanging lighting, similar to the illustrations we have provided below.

Kitchen Product Guide
Rolling Hills Product Guide
Download our latest FREE product guide to design the kitchen of your dreams!
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