(March 3, 2019) Jennifer W. - Yakima, WA said:

I first ran across Tanna's name and design work in Yakima Magazine.  I remember thinking that her design style was stunning, and that someday I would love to have her help in creating a space that would be just right for our family.  Months later, we moved into a new home and were faced with what seemed like an endless canvas of blank walls and floor space.  I was overwhelmed.  I contacted Tanna, and invited her over for a consultation.  Tanna instantly put me at ease.  She was both personable and professional, creative and kind. Tanna took the time to get to know me so that she could understand my personality and preferences.  Tanna has transformed several areas of our home and we are overjoyed!  I am amazed at the beautiful touches she put into place, and by how much those touches have created an atmosphere of welcome and tranquility.  I am excited to continue working with Tanna, and can hardly wait to begin our next project.

(January 30, 2019) Lisa W. - Yakima, WA said:

It is hard for me to adequately put into words how thrilled I am about Tanna's most recent project. My mother has lived in the same small home for 45 years and as you could imagine it was long overdue (by a couple decades) for some updating.  At age 70 and recently widowed my mom decided to do an entire home makeover. It was a giant task filled with a lifetime of memories and emotion. The before and after photos speak for themselves and are nothing short of miraculous.  With Tanna's knowledge, expertise and creativity she put a team of trusted, highly-skilled professionals together that took on this task with care, compassion and dependability.  Mom trusted Tanna and her team so much that she moved out of the home entirely before demo and didn't return until it was complete and ready for a TV show style grand reveal celebration. The results were/are breathtaking, but the true gift is in Tanna's honesty, integrity and professionalism. There is no one I would trust more with my childhood home and my mother's budget than Tanna Edler.  
*As an added bonus she's just a hoot to be around and brings so much great energy and joy to all those lucky enough to be around her.

(January 16, 2019) Angela P. - Yakima, WA said:

When we decided to remodel some areas of our home, we didn't know where to begin, so we reached out to Tanna and we are so happy we did!  She has been incredibly helpful during the remodel process!  She met with us right away and got a feel for our style and likes and dislikes, then helped us select our finishes and presented us with several fun options.  It all came together very well and Tanna's professionalism and responsiveness, as well as her excitement about our project, made our experience with her wonderful!  I would highly recommend Tanna to anyone wanting to remodel, redesign, or just freshen up a space.  She was a joy to work with and we look forward to collaborating with her on future projects!

(March 16, 2018) Tony & Brenda - Sunnyside, WA said:

I am writing this letter of recommendation about Tanna who operates TANNA BY DESIGN. We started working with Tanna late last year. She brought us some new designs and a lot of things to think about in remodeling several rooms of our home. She is pleasant to work with and very creative about her work. Tanna is the type of person that will not force her ideas upon you. We really appreciate that! She has a keen sense of decorating and how things need to be placed. She caused us to think a lot about the decorating of our home. I would recommend Tanna to anyone who is decorating their home, either new or old. I’d like to point out that she will always return your phone calls, texts and emails. She is right on top of things. As well as she has an abundance of knowledge of great craftsman particularly in our area.

(January 24, 2018) James F. - Yakima, WA said:

As a flooring professional, it is a pure joy to work with Tanna on any of her projects.  She has great taste and a real eye for design and what the project will look like when it is completed. She is able to communicate these ideas to the customer in ways that the customer understands.

Tanna is great about expressing what she wants to show her clients, allowing me to pull products that will fit in with the design ideas and be the right product for the client not just from a design perspective but products that will stand up to the daily needs of her client’s situation. I have greatly enjoyed working on a number of projects with Tanna and look forward to the next project we can team up on.

(October 16, 2017) Heidi R. - Yakima, WA said:

Tanna was wonderful to work with and created a very glamorous space for my medical office.  She created such an inspiring work space and everything was well thought out to the smallest detail.  She brought in beautiful textile ideas and coordinated the ordering process. She provided the inspiration and allowed me to use the template to shop around within my budget.  She was readily available to come to the work site and help make design decisions throughout the process.  I have received so many compliments on my office space since we opened and it would not be what it is without the help from Tanna.  I will definitely be using her again for future projects!

(August 18, 2017) Susie E. - Yakima, WA said:

Tanna is an amazing designer and helped me with a Master Bed/ Bath and a Formal Living Room.  She first gave me a designed drawing of what the spaces could look like, and then we went from there.  Tanna doesn’t just bring a gift of design, but is a well educated professional in the area of design/decorating.  She allows you to give your ideas and how much you would like to spend, and works with those.  She makes suggestions of what she thinks would work best, and I appreciated that so much.  I would have put the wrong color of paint on my walls, and would have been redoing them later if Tanna hadn’t made another suggestion.  Loved working with her, and would use her talents again.  I do have a few more rooms to redo.  I love my new rooms, and only have a few more things to add, and she has patiently waited on me and my busy schedule.  Thank you Tanna!  Susie E.

(November 23, 2016) Angela M. - Yakima, WA said:

Tanna was a joy to work with and had so many wonderful ideas. I wanted to create a romantic warm setting for our master bedroom and the final product was right on the mark! From the crystal chandelier to the satin curtains to the beautiful fluffy white area rug.....everything was perfect! It was as if she was right isnide my head reading my design thoughts then made them come to life. She also helped by putting us in contact with contractors who were very reliable and did fantastic jobs in our home. I am very much looking forward to working with Tanna again on our next project and highly recommend her service!

(November 22, 2016) Cathy L. - Yakima, WA said:

Tanna did an amazing job on our kitchen and living area remodel!  We did a complete makeover of a large part of our house and Tanna’s ideas about how to reconstruct the space were amazing.   We completely opened up our rooms and it’s now so much better for entertaining.  Her ideas were innovative and very helpful.  She listened to and implemented some of our ideas but we would not have the kitchen and living area we do now without her help and expertise.  She did everything from designing the space to helping to pick our grout colors.  I highly recommend Tanna to anyone considering a remodel.

(October 22, 2016) Kim H. - Yakima, WA said:

Tanna went above and beyond in helping me put together an amazing formal living room space. From light fixtures, paint colors, home furnishings to giving me the thumbs up or thumbs down on things I have picked out myself. Her honesty, professionalism and knowledge was impressive. Tanna made the overwhelming decorating process exciting and fun. The efficient return of emails/phone calls and the different options she provided has made it easy in making prompt decisions. Our project is complete and I absolutely LOVE IT! I highly recommend Tanna! She is fabulously talented at what she does!!! Thank you so much Tanna!

(September 23, 2016) Karen S. - Sunnyside, WA said:

Tanna is everything we had hoped her to be when looking for insight to remodel and add-on to our home.  We were so thrilled with the kitchen concept project that she created and presented to us!  We were stumped for the longest time on how to incorporate a more inviting and usable kitchen/living space.  Tanna solved this problem that we had thought about for so so long.  Tanna brings a common sense and inviting approach where she is able to pull everything together in such a manner that is makes so much sense. She is nothing but professional and has a wonderful personality which makes her so fun to work with!  We are very excited to continue to work with Tanna throughout our remodel/addition project.  We are so very glad we made the call to Tanna by Design!

(September 21, 2016) Alefa Eserjose  - Snohomish, WA said:

Tanna has been awesome!!! She was able to put to life what I had always dreamed of! She is prompt, reliable, honest, CREATIVE, ARTISTIC, and nice all at the same time which is not always easy to find in a designer! I highly recommend her! We started with a small bathroom remodel, then moved to a second bathroom, and then to a full kitchen remodel. TANNA IS GREAT!!!!

(July 13, 2016) Lara H.  - Pasco, WA said:

Tanna is fantastic! She honed in on what would really make our basement the kind of liveable, comfortable space we wanted it transformed into and gave us a plan that we could implement at our own pace. She didn't just draw up plans and disappear...she was responsive to our requests for input and suggestions the entire time that we slowly chipped away at the transformation and was as enthusiastic about helping us as she was at the beginning. Tanna is great--highly recommended, and we hope to use her again. Thanks Tanna!

(Apr 26, 2016) Sarah C  - Yakima, WA said:

Tanna is an absolute joy to work with! She listened to my ideas, took our existing look, and transformed our home into a warm and inviting space. I'm so happy I contacted her to help with our interior paint colors. What an expensive mistake that would have been if I had done it myself! She nailed the look I was going for and created a seamless look throughout our home. I won't hesitate to contact her in the future for all of our design needs.
(Apr 19, 2016) Bliss Nail Spa  - Everett, WA said:

This review is long over due! Our salon was rapidly growing and we needed to add more stations and also change a few things for functionality.We have been in business for about 5 years and the salon needed a new makeover. We had found Tanna through the Snohomish magazine and also from other websites that has listed interior designers in the area. We also had interviewed a few other designers before making our final decision to whom we will be hiring. We chose Tanna because of her work portfolio and her creative energy stood out among the rest. She understood our needs and was very professional. She made herself available anytime that I had needed. I am so happy that I had chosen Tanna! She picked things (color, flooring, furniture, textures, etc) that I would have never picked but it all made perfect creative sense! Tanna was even able to work around our tight budget. Our spa guest loves our new updated look and it also helped generate more business due to the fact that Tanna made it stood out among other salons. 

(Apr 18, 2016) Sara F. - Snohomish, WA said:

Tanna transformed our bedroom into a retreat. She provided her expertise, creative flair, and talent to transform out space while always listening to our ideas, needs, and input. Tanna is organized and always reliable. I learned a lot, had fun working with her, and would highly recommend TBD!

(Mar 22, 2016) Shane  M. - Snohomish, WA said:

I Hired Tanna Based On Her Work Represented In The Snohomish (Now Called North End Metro) Magazine. I Needed Inspiration For My Master Bathroom Remodel And Knew That Tanna Would Be The Designer Who Could Understand My Personal Taste. I Had A General Idea Of What I Wanted And Tanna Was Able To Assist Where I Could Not Visualize. The Critical Piece Was Her Assistance With Hiring The Right Contractor For This Specific Job. Tanna Was Instrumental With The Overall Design, Color Palette, Specific Stone Materials To Use, And Keeping The Communication Open Throughout The Remodel Process. Beyond Tanna's Professional Expertise She Is A Pleasure To Work With And Will "Flow" With Your Personal Idiosyncrasies So That The End Result Is Beautiful And Exceeds Your Expectations. She Comes Highly Recommended And I Rate Her All "5'S" In Each Category.  

(Mar 22, 2016) Sue S. - Yakima, WA said:

"A pleasure to work with, always!" 
We are furniture builders and we have had the sheer pleasure of working with Tanna. She is not only fun to work with, but extremely talented. She has come to us with a number of cool wood projects and we are always happy to see her come through the door because we love to see what ideas she has next. We built a couple of live edge pieces for her clients, as well as a beautiful table and bench set. Her vision is hip and classy. She has great communication, which makes it easy to collaborate with her. We really enjoy her enthusiasm for design, her keen eye, and her ability to work with all styles of design from modern to traditional. We recommend Tanna because she is a quality gal and she good at what she does!

(2015) Mary & Rob - Ellensburg, WA said:

Enthusiastic & Passionate
She was able to prioritize the many potential projects in our home. She is very enthusiastic and passionate. Working with her was so, so, easy. Lastly, her design captured our interest and will greatly enhanced the beauty of our home. Thank you, Tanna.  

(2015)  Mary Z - Yakima, WA said:

Dream Home Creator 
Tanna Barnecut did a stunning job in redesigning, decorating as well as staging my home in preparation for listing the house for sale. Her recommended edits of furniture pieces and hands on rearrangement of my current furniture is amazing and brought my rooms up to date, they are now so "fresh." Tanna provided exactly the services I asked of her and she went beyond what I expected. I loved working with such a talent. 

(2015)  Megan - Yakima, WA  said:

Tanna was absolutely full of brilliant ideas - all of which transformed our house into a modern, comfortable, tasteful home. She is efficient, organized, and timely. We loved working with Tanna!  

(2015) Lori M - Snohomish, WA  said:

First Rate Job on our Rambler REDO
We moved into a dated, segmented rambler and Tanna brought it to life. She has a great knack of listening to our desires, balancing them with realities of budget/time constraints and coming up with alternatives that worked better than our original ideas! I feel like our home is true reflection of us.  

(2015) Sarah G - Yakima, WA said:

Exactly What We Wanted 
We hired Tanna to update our space - we're an advertising and marketing agency. She took our input and integrated our existing brand image into the design she created for us. Everything was absolutely perfect - she got it spot on, and gave us creative options to help our brand match our space. 

(2015) Geoff an Amy K - Yakima, WA  said:

Working With What You Have 
My wife and I recently moved into a new home and hired Tanna to help us put the finishing touches on items and a layout that would bring it all together. Now, I'm an opinionated husband when it comes to furniture, textures, and layout. So, what I anticipated was Tanna suggesting we spend a few dollars on items that would finish off each room. What I didn't anticipate was moving existing furniture into new positions that might make the flow of the room better. I admit, I was not initially excited about the changes she was proposing, but as I was pushed out of my comfort zone on where furniture should be, I soon discovered why Tanna is so good at what she does. Tanna had a better eye for where things should be. For us, it wasn't as much about finding new items as it was taking the items we had and placing them in better positions. Thank you Tanna  

(2014) Brittany - Yakima, WA  said:

Design Confidence
I am in the process of building a new house. With all of the decisions I had to make my head felt like it was going to explode. I had spent hours laboring over what hard surfaces to pick and decided I needed a designers perspective so that I could move forward with confidence. After all it is not everyday I drop $40,000 on my house, I wanted to make sure I had a cohesive design. I could only afford a couple of hours of her time to help me nail down my decisions. In 2 hours she reviewed, recommended and helped me finalize my choices for flooring, tile, paint, carpet, granite, etc. Tanna listened, was honest, made good use of our time, Well worth the money spent to gain peace of mind. 

(2014) Susannah in Yakima, WA said:

If you're looking for the best! 
I was looking for someone to help me finish a household design project and a friend recommended Tanna ... So lucky that I found her! She was just the right person to help me! I needed someone to take charge and get things done and she does just that. She is a true artist at what she does and works non-stop to make sure that you are satisfied with all her work. Also, she is so fun and full of energy! Tanna has done a beautiful job on our home and I look forward to working with her on the next project! I will recommend her to all my friends ...   

(2014) Roger - Portland, OR said:

Designer Extraordinaire! 
TBD services from Tanna have opened our minds to a whole new world of comfy home decor. My partner and I recently moved into a very modern, newly built home (2009). The previous owner's style was stark and cool but not necessarily our taste. We contacted Tanna and her patient, informative and creative suggestions really helped us to land on a "Modern Woodsman" look which is perfect for our North Portland home. Tanna's attention to everything from the grand and bold to simple detail is quite marvelous. We look forward to each conversation that has us stepping out of our comfort zone (in a good way) considering fabrics and colors we would not necessarily choose for our home. Can't wait for the final reveal! Thanks TBD! 

(2014) M. Vaughn in Everett, WA said:

Tanna had such great color ideas and one where it involved our dining room. She suggested a color theme that my husband and I would never even thought of. I will be definitely be calling her in the near future should we need any other creative suggestions! 

(2014) Daniel - Portland, OR  said:

Engaged Expert 
Tanna has and will continue to be the designer we call for all of our home decor projects, big and small (though they are mostly big). Tanna took the time to come to our home, listen and interpret our needs and our style and creatively packaged the recommendations she made for us. She pushed our boundaries of what was "comfortable" for us and in the end that represented some of the results we love the most. A few words I would use to describe what is was like to work with Tanna: Fun, creative, professional, results-oriented, curious, fair...did I say fun? Highly recommend TBD (Tanna By Design) for your next project.  

(2014) Jennifer  - Selah, WA  said:

Needed Help!
Tanna helped make our house feel like home with her designs. She was and continues to be wonderful to work with. I highly recommend using her. 

(2013) Lisa - Yakima, WA  said:

Tanna has been a true joy to work with. She's creative, energetic and her love of design is inspiring. Tanna has been so flexible in working within our budget. I was very overwhelmed by moving and things just didn't feel like home. She's so fun to work with, it's like having a girlfriend over for coffee, only when she leaves my new house actually feels like my home. I'm so grateful to her. 

(2013) Julie D. - Seattle, WA  said:

"From Tired Traditional to Modern Classic with a bit of Funk" 
I couldn't have asked for more!! Our living room, dining room, family room, etc. was done over 15 years ago and desperately needed an update. I didn't want to replace the furniture or curtains because they were still in really good condition. I also didn't want to spend a huge amount of money because we will probably be downsizing in the next few years. Tanna totally understood and worked with what I had. She rearranged the furniture, added a new rug, picked out new fabrics for pillows, added wallpaper to the back of the shelves, etc. The room looks totally new, funky and modern. Exactly what I was hoping to accomplish. My 20 something daughters are so jealous. They want it for their apartments/homes. I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. And, I didn't have to spend tons of money like the first time around. When we downsize in a few years, I will definitely call Tanna. She is incredibly talented and so much fun to work with!! 

(2013) Shannon - Yakima, WA  said:

"We are do-it-yourselfers but needed help to redesign our kitchen space. That's where Tanna came in. She showed us two different designs. This opened our eyes to possibilities we hadn't thought of before. We really enjoyed working with Tanna and thought her ideas were great. We plan on starting our project this winter." 

(2013) Tish Morford - White Swan, WA  said:

Worth her weight in gold! 
"Wow! Tanna is a fantastic design professional. Couldn't be happier with our finished great room. Tanna listens to what her clients want and feel from a room. We wanted our "great room" to be comfy, cozy and beautiful. We got all three. She personally selected our live edge slab of maple, and had the perfect craftsman in mind to finish it. She did space planning, lighting, furnishing and decor. Won't do another room without her. Thank you Tanna." 

(2013) Mark Y. - Yakima, WA  said:

Game room/bar design 
Tanna did a great job designing my game room and bar. She had a lot of ideas on bar design, fireplace layout, lighting, colors and accessories. Tanna always responded to my questions in a timely manner and was always easy to get a hold of. She has a great sense of textures/colors and how they will combine to to get the result that a person wants. I would highly recommend Tanna for your interior design work and will use her again in the future! 

(2013) Brad @ Traditional Designs Inc.- Yakima, WA  said:

"Perfect Finishing Touch"
Tanna has an excellent ability to take a vision and develop it into reality. Color selections, finish materials, transitions of floor coverings, window treatment, furniture, furnishings & accessories make our spaces special. We enjoy working with Tanna. She makes the process fun & the finished space is always amazing. 

(2013)  Pradeep - Bellevue, WA  said:

Very committed and creative. I will recommend Tanna for Interior Decoration work. 

(2012) Tiffany - Yakima, WA said:

"Talented and fun to work with!" 
My husband and I are in the process of building a home. We gave our plans to Tanna and met with her a couple of weeks later. She had looked over our plans like they where her own. She came armed with samples and a ton of ideas. Tanna took one look at our kitchen and realized that the set up of the kitchen did not match our lifestyle. She helped us add more entry/exit points, rearrange the appliances and add some additional windows for more natural light. I love our kitchen now! She also helped us with our family room. We loved the size but there seemed to be so much wasted space. Tanna was able to help us with this as well. She is extremely creative, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone. 

( 2012) Lara - Richmond Highlands, WA  said:

"Awesome Designer!" 
Tanna is a creative mind with tremendous design flair. Her work is fresh and trendy and she has the innate ability to pull out the best of you and your personality in her designs. I recommend her highly! 

(2012) Jill - Snohomish, WA  said:

"Relaxed, tropical family room/kitchen remodel" 
Having never used the services of a designer before, we were a little nervous about the whole process...what if we don't like it, what if it's too spendy, etc. Well, after working with Tanna on our remodel we are now also having her help us remodel/design our master bath and daughter's bathroom. Tanna is very fun and easy to work with, she really listens to your concerns, likes and dislikes. She totally nailed our style and what we were hoping for in our family room. I would highly recommend Tanna to anyone needing design services. We can't wait to see her ideas for our bathrooms! 

(2012) Darin - Yakima, WA  said:

A very unique and rewarding Tour of Homes experience.
I had a truly enjoyable experience working with Tanna on our 2010 Tour Home that received an award for the Best Master Bedroom in our category. Tanna has a very inviting and unique talent in her design skills. The home was greeted with an uncountable number of ooohs and aaahs with the theme of design on this project. Furthermore, Tanna comes highly recommended. 

(2012) Laurie - Yakima, WA said:


I first saw Tanna's work on a tour of homes and was impressed. When I needed help redoing my family room and dining room I knew exactly who's help I wanted. We worked together picking wall color, furniture fabrics and window coverings. She made suggestions on different color combinations that I would never have tried and the results are fabulous. I have received rave reviews from friends and family. Working with Tanna was a joy. She was always cheerful,very prompt,and followed up on every detail. When I do my next project I will definitely work with Tanna. 

(2012) Carly Faul - Yakima, WA said:

"Tanna By Design Wonderful" 
I have had the unique experience to work with Tanna on a number of projects and am consistently wowed by her professionalism and creativity. Tanna was able to take our vision of a modern but rustic kitchen from conception to reality while showing great professionalism. There does not seem to be a style or idea that Tannna cannot turn into beautiful completion. 

(2012) Debbie - Moxee, WA  said:

"Tanna is a stellar design professional!" 

Tanna's ability to create a stylish yet comfortable environment with detailed attention to personal preference and budget is unsurpassed. Her easy going nature and superior communication skills make it a real pleasure to work with Tanna. 

(2012) Kirsten - Selah, WA said:

"Highly recommend!"

Just wanted some help picking out fabric for sofas, got much more than that! Tanna took the prerogative to totally rearrange our living/dining room and the flow and livability of the space is a thousand times better! Love it! 

(2011)  Erik - Lake Forest Pk, WA  said:

"adaptive redesign" 

I recently engaged Tanna to redesign a floorplan and select finishes in a choppy and outdated 1950's northwest contemporary speculative rehab. The existing floorplan presented fundamental challenges that needed to be incorporated into the final design. The resulting product that she inspired caters to today's lifestyle with a much more modern feel. I was impressed with Tanna's ability to work within the budget set forth and her willingness to take on the challenge with a smile. 

(2011) Byron - Vancouver, WA  said:

"Great Ideas and Execution!" 
Tanna Barnecut designed our lobby for the new Adair Homes office in Union Gap, WA (www.adairhomes.com). Tanna provided great customer service beginning with her listening carefully to our needs and budget, then providing great ideas and seeing the project all the way through to completion. I highly recommend Tanna!  

(2011) Crystal - Yakima, WA  said:

"Amazing sense of creativity" Tanna is extremely creative! We wanted to redo our great room, dining room and entry and she provided several options while keeping our own personalities and style in mind. She is prompt, efficient and very knowledgeable about all things related to design. I appreciated her ability to help me choose fabrics and furniture that not only looked fabulous, but would be functional for our lifestyle now and in the future. We would hightly recommend Tanna and will be working with her again!