October 15, 2020

TBD Awarded 2020 Kitchen Designer of the Year

TBD Awarded 2020 Kitchen Designer of the Year

On October 8, during the 'virtual' 10th Annual Interior Design Society Awards Gala, we were announced the 2020 National Kitchen Designer of the YEAR - kitchen designs $50,000 & below.

Our ideal client wants functional and affordable designs that are equally beautiful...that's our sweet spot! Maximizing budgets with pro-tips is our fav! Our style lends itself to Modern Farmhouse with a nod to the Pacific Northwest, while incorporating contemporary elements and conveniences. We love an upscale look with, 'the front door is always open' kind of feel!

We have been specializing in kitchen design for over 10 years, both locally and through our Virtual Design. Our kitchens have been featured in Furniture Lighting & Decor, North Sound Life Magazine, GRAY Magazine, and Yakima Magazine. Please visit our Press page and view other awards we have received over the years.

Modern ranch for the Farmhouse Hipster

Watch as Tanna By Design Gets Announced as a Winner by Lisa Vanderpump!
Virtual Design

Our kitchen renders are just one of the many tools within our design experience! Whether we are working together locally or virtually...these shoppable renderings at the Conceptual Phase, assist our client in visualizing the end result with an actual list of ahhhh-mazing products attached! Beginning a kitchen project? Schedule a complimentary call to get started.

Check out our reviews page to see what our clients are saying!

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Our Kitchen Designs scale from light to luxury. To acknowledge our recognition in the 'sweet spot' category, we are showcasing a few of our BEFORE & AFTER project shots. Kitchen remodels and new construction kitchens, $50k and below.

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