June 1, 2020

Modern Ranch Kitchen for a Farmhouse Hipster

Modern Ranch Kitchen for a Farmhouse Hipster

Open concept, oversized island, food storage and a view to every door in the house was the request. The dream was to have a current vibe with a rustic appeal … no problem! We understand that our clients today want the latest and greatest when it comes to performance and function and we are also seeing a lot of personality going into projects. The collaboration is absolutely instrumental in designing a space that perfectly reflects their lifestyle.

One challenge that we faced during this project was the wait for product and the need to re-select halfway through the process. This is always a worry when doing whole home projects. My job is to manage the process, educate the client and work closing with all suppliers … However, in this case our island quartz was delayed and then back-ordered. Waiting on the material did not match the timeline for all of the other trades, so we were forced to pick another piece. Luckily, I always have a secondary selection ready after my final Design Presentation, due to cases like this. I presented the additional quartz option and they ended up liking it better. Whew! Day is saved!!

Benjamin Moore - Chelsea Gray Island Paint Color

This 6 x 12 island seats eight people, and could actually accommodate ten comfortably!  We highlighted this seating arrangement with wood and metal counter stools for contrast plus extremely easy to clean. And, did we ever give them a pantry! The walk-in pantry is complete with its own butler station, microwave and large appliance counter. Plus, shelving after shelving for food and storage. My favorite feature is the custom sliding barn door. It is so heavy it acts as a privacy door when you are hiding, I mean, taking a minute from the day ... eh, like organizing the canned goods!

United Tile - Shade Brick Light Backsplash

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What Did We Like Most

The only thing that we left out in this kitchen was the ‘Easy Bake Oven’. The pure function, flow and performance of the design had to be our favorite. With a family of six and many friends and relatives, the material and finish phase of our Full Service Design was critical. This kitchen WILL stand the test of time!


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