August 27, 2021

How to Start a Kitchen Remodel (with a Designer!)

How to Start a Kitchen Remodel (with a Designer!)
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Not only is the Kitchen the most talked about space at our firm, it is also the center of our frequently asked question, “How do I start a Kitchen Remodel?”

Overwhelm sets in, too many choices, loads of decisions and the fear of uncertainty arises! Does this sound like you? We get it…because we hear this everyday. 

Before their magazine-worthy project was revealed on Instagram, many of our clients came to us feeling the same way. They were not sure how to begin, and were worried about tackling such an important investment on their own. Then, we helped them break down how to approach each step, shoulder to shoulder, walking them through how the entire process would unveil. THAT is when the nervous energy disappeared and the excitement was set into motion!!

Yes, a kitchen remodel has many moving parts! And, managing such a key space in your home is crucial and challenging. Depending on the scale of your room and all of the details within, start to finish can last months…possibly many months. Therefore, understanding every last factor and feature that is involved is paramount. We believe that your expectations should be set at the very onset! Knowledge of the design process will prepare you for what is to come, allowing you to enjoy every event in your amazing journey! This will be your journey to creating something so special, so uniquely you that will positively change your tomorrow, the next day and the rest of your life! It's a BIG deal!

We have spent endless hours and many years in the industry perfecting our process, to ensure our clients not only have the best result possible; the best experience too!!

What You Should Know About
Starting a Kitchen Remodel with an Interior Designer

Engage! Seek out your Interior Designer and learn more about their firm while sharing ideas about your project. Visiting their website, viewing their portfolio and reading their client testimonials will help you to decide which designer may fit you best. Schedule a free phone call and discover ways you relate. Ask those preliminary ‘burning’ questions like budget, style, timeline, and fees. And, don’t be afraid to ask for homework! A designer can provide tips on how you can start to prepare, once they have had a chance to speak with you. Use this early time to learn about yourself also! Completing questionnaires and taking an online Design Style Quiz can help you hone in on exactly what you are looking for in your remodel. This will enable you to communicate your vision vividly to your designer when it comes time to hire.

Kitchen Remodel
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Kitchen Remodel
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Get Onboard! The only way to begin is to start. Jump-in, invest in an initial consultation with a designer. Spend one-on-one time with your designer to dive deep into your project plans. This is your chance to communicate everything you have been thinking about, jotting down on note pads, pinning from Pinterest and saving on Instagram. Different from others you may have been dreaming with over the years, you now have a proven professional as your captive audience. A designer will have case studies, know their capabilities and will be able to guide you based on their previous projects, past history and industry knowledge. This is the time to decide, to finally move forward, because this time there is a plan. A plan that is tried and true, a plan that will take you from today to the finish line meeting. And, if at the end of this appointment you decide you are not ready, you’ve had the chance to brainstorm with a designer's input; an invaluable opportunity.

Get Creative! While we think the fun starts the minute we meet a new client…you’ll REALLY be into it by this next step; the Concept stage. After you have had a chance to drill down on what is most important to you and have opened yourself up to a trusting relationship with your designer, the REAL enjoyment begins! At Concept, your interior designer is building out the options for your new space for your approval. Together, you are crafting a dream design that is customized specifically to you! This is the time to get creative, out of the box, and make your final choice on aesthetics, layout, products and finishes as you move toward visualizing what you had always hoped for. Working with a designer makes these preferences seamless. With guidance, you will be provided with the top choices and not have to worry about multiple options. Caution; at this point you might say “You make it easy!”

Kitchen Remodel
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Kitchen Remodel
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Let's Do This! You did it, you started your Kitchen Remodel and now it is time to execute! That WAS so easy! You have marked your favorites, know what you are getting, understand the final ‘look’ and now you are in the design phase. What was presented to you in the Concept stage is now becoming reality. Everything that you have been working on with your designer is in action. Your products are being purchased, your install dates are being scheduled and your design team is working around the clock to bring the vision to life. When experiencing a well thought out Interior Design Process, you will know why the final leg of your project came together so smoothly. It was planned that way! You now can sit back, relax and anticipate a red carpet reveal and be proud of an accomplishment like no other.

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