July 1, 2020

Outdoor Living Made Easy

Outdoor Living Made Easy

What makes outdoor entertaining worth the wait? Indeed, a fabulous front porch! One that says, welcome and sit awhile. Something magical happens when the clouds pull back and reveal what we have been waiting months for, summer! Visions of rocking in a chair, laughing out loud, lazy evenings, scrumptious eats and thirst-quenching concoctions tend to emerge. 

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We love designing a cozy setting, with affordable, unique pieces that say relax, enjoy and come to our warm-weather oasis again and again. This is the time of the year when clients are calling for my assistance to craft the ultimate summer escape at their residence. Outdoor living has become a specialty all in itself, with many retailers catering to our requests for an outdoor entertaining room that is both comfortable and functional.

My design approach always brings some element of the outdoors in, which unsurprisingly inspires me to take the inside out. While I believe there are ‘no rules’ and typically push the design principle envelope… I do believe that the beauty we create in our interiors is just as important to our exteriors. And, you don’t have to splurge to take the plunge. There are many reasonable, eye-catching pieces now available in multiple styles, colors, shapes and sizes.

As a lifestyle designer, I spend time with my clients understanding how they use their space; a typical weekend, evenings, daily activities. Will you dine outside? Do you have many guests? Can you work from home? What can we repurpose, update, refresh? Once we have meticulously thought through and discussed the ideal surroundings, I create a conceptual design plan, while considering available storage for items once the season ends. 

Painted Concrete | Benjamin Moore - Chelsea Gray

Whether you have a pool, patio or front porch, there are several summer design essentials. Practical good looks, not too precious or unapproachable and the type of area you are immediately drawn to. Easy to put together, easy to pick up and most importantly easy to maintain.

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What did we like most?

The durability, sustainability and function of the outdoor furniture and textiles we selected by far met every expectation we had for this space… and more!

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