August 21, 2023

Virtual Bedroom Renderings: Award Winning Interior Design

Virtual Bedroom Renderings: Award Winning Interior Design
IDS Designer of the Year 2023
🎉 2023 IDS Designer of the Year 🎉

Join us in commemorating OUR DESIGN AWARDS with our GRANDEST Giveaway to date! It's all thanks to your unwavering support and enduring enthusiasm for our Virtual Design solutions and Educational Content across Social Media. We are overjoyed to announce that TANNA BY DESIGN achieved a remarkable feat by clinching not just one, but two coveted DESIGNER of the YEAR accolades at this year's National Interior Design Society’s Conference in New York City in August!!! It is with immense pride that we accepted these distinguished awards for BEST INTERIOR DESIGN SOCIAL MEDIA & #1 in VISUAL INTERIOR DESIGN RENDERINGS!


Virtual Conceptual Design Consultation

Let us introduce you to our homeowner & tell you a little more about her project…

Our client is a young author living in a rural neighborhood with her two sisters. She chose the larger bedroom to create an inspiring space for her craft. She is an eclectic soul and sees life through color, and her favorite hue is pink. She loves many styles and is obsessed with the Hipstoric Heritage & Granny Chic look. Hunting for antiques is a favorite hobby and mixing those with a contemporary industrial aesthetic is her favorite. She has written many romance novels and likes to be surrounded with a feminine vibe. Of course, she loves to read and has a large collection of books she would like to incorporate. 

Bedroom virtual rendering

Needs and Wants

Our client wanted a cozy space that embodied good energy and was filled with beautiful things. She loves an eclectic-look, pairing a collection of oddities with bright, happy colors. She also dreamt of having a quiet space, maybe a loft similar to the hidden nooks in her novels, to unleash her thoughts and stimulate her creative writing. And, with her younger sisters down the hall, she also wanted a story-telling space to share her character ideas before going to bed, just as they did when they were growing up.

Bedroom virtual rendering


The room she selected was oversized with a very high ceiling which was the opposite of cozy. Therefore, we had to consider scale and proportion as we created a room to foster her creativity and reflect her colorful personality.

Bedroom virtual rendering


Beautiful vibrant wallpapers, bright upholstered furnishing and loads and loads of texture were just a few of the gorgeous things we brought into the space to create an inviting yet lively Primary Bedroom. The warmth of the Jaipur Rug, the gorgeous pink paint from Sherwin Williams and the Uttermost inspired light fixture were some of her favorites. With a collection of antiques mixed with contemporary and industrial finishes, her room became a visual delight with loads of character. She has now gained inspiration from her surroundings and her new retreat nurtures her mind and heart each day!

Closet bedroom rendering

Learn More

Why Virtual Interior Design?

Realistic visualization design concepts, allow you to have a clear understanding of the final result before committing.
Virtual Renderings allow clients to collaborate with TANNA remotely, enhancing and expediting communication.
TANNA BY DESIGN leverages cutting-edge tools and techniques, adding a modern and innovative touch.
Ability to explore various design options by visualizing different layouts, styles, and materials virtually.
Virtual environments accurately represent the space, including furniture, finishes, colors, and lighting, giving you a comprehensive preview of the design.
TANNA BY DESIGN’s Virtual Design Presentations can be easily shared with clients across the United States, overcoming any geographical limitations.
TBD’s Virtual Design & Rendering Services quickly accommodate modifications, providing efficient design iterations and faster decision-making processes.
By incorporating Virtual Design solutions, TANNA elevates her level of service and offers clients value, convenience, efficiency, and a personalized experience.
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Take a Virtual Tour

Immerse yourself in the future of interior design with virtual reality tools, transforming our 3D renders into captivating home-tour experiences!

Virtual tour

It's Giveaway Time!!

We are excited to announce our amazing giveaway where three lucky winners will have the chance to win some incredible prizes.

Giveaway ends August 30, 2023 at 11:59PM Pacific.
Winners will be announced August 31, 2023 via social media.

To enter, simply follow these steps:

Remember, the more actions you take, the more times you will be entered into the giveaway, increasing your chances of winning! 🤞

Hurry up and join the fun before August 30th! Good luck to everyone! 🍀✨

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We appreciate your support!

Keep asking questions and we’ll keep providing resources!

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Virtual Bedroom Renderings: Award Winning Interior Design

Virtual Bedroom Renderings: Award Winning Interior Design

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