April 1, 2021

Business Coaching for Interior Designers

Business Coaching for Interior Designers
Mydoma tips for interior designers
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Designing with Intent

Ten years ago, when thoughtfully preparing to name my new interior design business, I wanted something with a deeper meaning, that would endure and be authentically me.

When it was brought to my attention that everything I did was intentional…I had my answer. It was a pivotal moment both in life and my career; next TANNA BY DESIGN was created.  

‘By Design’ is defined as deliberately, purposefully, knowingly, consciously, on purpose, INTENTIONALLY!!!!

From that day forward I better understood my intent, both personally and professionally. I have a motive, I have a purpose and most importantly, I have a plan!!

Mentorship and Coaching is a natural progression and after years of ‘lessons learned’ in business, I am excited to be helping other designers plan as they strive for success.

Prior to founding TANNA BY DESIGN, I had over 15 years of Client Solution Management and Corporate Training & Development experience. After perfecting my craft within that same organization in corporate America, I stepped into coaching and training my peers using the same successful business practices I had created!

Today, as a self-taught solopreneur, I have invested endless hours fine-tuning my interior design process and now I'm excited to be sharing this valuable design knowledge with inspiring designers like yourself.

Join us in celebrating our 10th Year Anniversary and our latest service offering…Coaching With Intent!!

Elevating My Craft

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Coaching With Intent is your answer to getting Tanna's inside details on operating a profitable design business! Plus, her exuberant energy and love for what she does will have you inspired time after time!!
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highly organized & responsive

Tanna is awesome! Highly organized and very responsive to your needs. I enjoyed our Business Coaching session and walked away with great new ideas. I would highly recommend using her for any interior design business coaching needs that you may have! I am looking forward to getting your tips and ideas as to how I can leverage MyDoma when creating my new design packages. Thanks for all of the great info!

— Becky Vandenbroek, HYGGE Custom Homes
expert knowledge of affiliates

Tanna answered my request for assistance with my new online design business. I heard her speak with others that I respect in our field and reached out with issues I could not resolve. She did not hesitate to offer her guidance with affiliates and her expert knowledge of preparing the online packages allowing me to move forward. Tanna was forthcoming, comfortable and engaging. It was an overall pleasure! Thank you Tanna!

— Pat Valentine Ziv, PVZ Design
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Do ‘with intent’

Tanna’s Top Books to Boast

Interior Design Business Coach Tanna Edler

Top Ten Design Podcasts I love to follow...

1. A Well-Designed Business® - LuAnn Nigara

2. The Design You Podcast - Tobi Farley

3. The Wingnut Social Podcast

4. The Chaise Lounge Podcast

5. Decorating Tips & Tricks

6. Inside Design Podcast - Kandrac & Kole

7. Big Design Small Budget - Betsy Helmuth

8. The Great Indoors

9. AFT Construction Podcas‪t‬ - Brad Leavitt

10. At Home with Lauren Keenan

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Interested in tactics to fill your pipeline? Struggling with time management? Wanting to know how to leverage affiliates? Questioning your pricing? Need a push when it comes to self promotion? I've been there, and now, I'm helping designers just like you succeed.
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